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Soothe Your Bits - postpartum serum

Get fresh and heavenly relief from inflammation and sore perineum - Post birth

A must-have to support mum after child birth, for immediate soothing comfort. Pamper yourself or the Mum to be in your life, with something just for her! 

created for comfort — just for mum


Beautiful organic Australian botanicals, organic aloe vera, hempseed oil for incredible moisture and New Zealand essential oils will help with all those nasty post-birth issues—bruised, swollen or broken skin, itchy stitches, rash and bacterial imbalance

  • fast-acting yet gentle formula

  • organic and NZ natural ingredients

  • helps heal stitches and broken skin

Made in New Zealand / 50ml / 1.69 OZ                

$21.90 RRP NZD

"I tried Soothe Your Bits Serum after giving birth - via ventouse and  episiotomy to baby number 3 and honestly I think 
It Saved my Bits!" 
- Helenie J, Auckland 

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Calm Your Nips - nipple care serum

Velvety-smoothing relief for cracks, inflammation   and Mastitis

Calming inflammation and soreness that unfortunately often comes with being a new Mum. 

Have problems with blocked ducts / Mastitis? Use Calm Your Nips as a cooling compress, by freezing nursing pads and then follow up with a warm wet wash cloth for Let Down.

don't put up with sore nips Mama!


Hempseed and Jojoba oil, for the ultimate in skin loving renewal, with fatty acids and vitamins. Beautiful organic Australian botanicals, aloe vera and New Zealand essential oils accelerate the healing process and take care of bacterial issues.

  • calming itching and swelling

  • non-greasy with a mild floral scent

  • quickly absorbed with deep hydration

Made in New Zealand / 50ml / 1.69 OZ

$21.90 RRP NZD

"I absolutely Adore this serum! ❤️
After 5 rounds of mastitis and cracked nipples I’ve finally found
something that helps!"
- Lucy R, Auckland 

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"I was so happy to have Soothe Your Bits (making Padsicles) after giving birth naturally and having a few stitches I felt like I got instant relief and within a week I was out for short walks, feeling soothed and healing pretty quickly." - Megan H, Auckland