Postpartum Healing - Inside and outside


for ultimate postpartum healing

Soothe Your Bits - Postpartum Serum with maternity pads, to create frozen PADSICLES

For some women the cooling sensation on tears and extreme bruising/ inflammation is a great relief. Cooling an area helps the body to heal that area. Soothe Your Bits has been specially developed to use either on it's own or pumped onto a pad and frozen.

How to create Padsicles: Take a Maternity pad and pump 10-15 times, the full length of the pad (not on wings), pop a piece of baking paper on the top, fold over and put in a resealable bag in the freezer. When you take a padsicle out of the freezer - leave to thaw for a minute.

Tip: It's good to prepare around 4 of these prior to giving birth, in case you really need them and don't have time once the baby arrives.

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What you need for birthing

The following is what we recommend for vaginal birth - 

in either a hospital or birthing suite.

start getting ready at around 34 weeks

~ maternity pads Re-usable or organic cotton

~ big girl comfy knickers (now is not the time for little)

~ Soothe Your Bits to help with healing

~ nursing bras / nursing tops

~ nursing pads - Organic cotton or re-usable

~ toiletries and hair care products

~ slippers, socks and bath robe

~ soft pillow & relaxation tools

~ lactation tea & snacks

~ music, magazines and movies

~ supplements - magnesium, iron, B12, vitamin D, fish oil

For baby: Car seat, nappies, onsies, warm Merino hat, blanket

Postpartum Recovery - Beat the baby blues

take time out for you

tips on how to look after yourself

- shower and put on your favourite scent

- take the baby for a walk, it gets you out of the house and helps you reconnect with nature and clear your mind

- shape wear can help make you feel a little more confident.

If you've had a c-section a body band helps keep everything in place

- let friends and family help out - a meal cooked by someone else is a marvellous thing! Also don't be afraid to ask for help 

- remember those vitamins! Especially Iron and Magnesium -which helps you sleep and is proven to help with depression 

Remember Mum you need to be your best self first - to give everything you can to your baby

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Postpartum Plan

Postpartum Plan - Physical Recovery.jpg
Postpartum Plan - Mental and emotional r
Postpartum Plan - Breastfeeding and Brea
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