Rachel Murphy - Founder and Skincare developer

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"I'm passionate about helping people with skin problems - want some advice let me know,

I'm happy to help!" 

Rachel  Natural Skincare Developer, Holistic Health advocate, and Mum

In 2005 Rachel came to the realisation (after much research) that the chemical based skincare she was using was giving her skin reactions and in fact the lotions that should have nourished her skin were stripping it of all it's natural oils. She started creating her own oil blends from only natural and organic oils and essential oils.

Starting a passion for natural skincare that works in harmony with the body.

12 years later, when Rachel was pregnant she looked for a product that would help heal her Postpartum, after finding nothing that really helped kick start the healing process an idea formed - A healing Serum.

"So after 3 years of research and development, after trial and error and a heartfelt desire to use only natural ingredients - I had success!" With a Serum that rapidly sorted out a huge range of skin problems and incredibly kick starts the body into healing almost any skin problem - literally, 😲 It accelerated healing for any skin trauma, soothed inflammation, and calmed any irritations. Further products were developed and voila Shea Nurture was born!

What we believe in at Shea Nurture

We believe in organic where possible and natural ingredients are best, this means no chemicals, no parabens, and no nasties on our skin. This is because 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed and goes into your bloodstream.

We are always looking at the best natural ingredients available, to create skincare that not only works and does what it's supposed too but also has a foundation in nature.

Nature has helped us to heal for as long as mankind has been able to harness the healing properties of botanicals and does so in the most balanced and gentle way.

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Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free Skincare that is tested on animals, is done so predominantly because they contain chemicals that could be potentially harmful. Guess what? We don't put nasty chemicals in our skincare and would never need to test on animals! Shea Nurture believes in using natural ingredients that are 'tested' on ourselves, friends and family before launching a new product.

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Vegan Skincare

Shea Nurture uses plant based ingredients to make wonderful Vegan skincare, with only the best ingredients and when possible Organic.

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Paraben Free

What is a Paraben, and why are they used? - Parabens are used in cosmetics to extend their shelf life and stop fungi and bacteria growing. Some Parabens are named as - Methylparaben, Propylparaben and Butylparaben. It is possible for parabens to negatively impact on our immune system, and they may increase allergies and sensitivity.

We at Shea Nurture use use the preservative -  Geogard 221 - that is Ecocert approved.

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Shea Nurture is committed to using recyclable packaging:

The Serum bottles are aluminium and are recyclable - simply peel off the label, give a rinse and pop into your recycle bin.